Altius: towards consensus
Altius: towards consensus

Dispute Resolution.

Far too much energy is wasted in conflict. As a species we do seem rather hung up on conflict and we seem less able (or willing) to work harder to resolve disputes.

Here at Altius Mediation Services we not only assist in resolving disputes, our very specialised background enables us to apply what we have learned from our explorations of the philosophical dimensions of the synergetic relations between between consensus and conflict. Indeed, knowing much of the underpinnings of disputes and differences means we are very well placed to help you. We are not only academically very highly qualified, our formal background in post-graduate anthropology means we understand cultural issues very well, which gives us a real advantage in helping to resolve differences of an international, cross-border, ethical, or cultural nature.

The Internet may well have opened up the world for networked communication, but unfortunately other cultures don't always come with an owner's' manual.

Our background gives us much better insights into the nature of disputes and how they arise, it enables a much better understanding of how best to assist both sides to agree on an acceptable outcome without the need for either side to think in terms of winners vs losers

If you would like to explore a simple, straight forward way to resolving your dispute - We invite your call.

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