Altius: towards consensus
Altius: towards consensus

Altius Mediation Services

We live in a world riven by conflict. And we don't need to tell you how draining and counter-productive they can be!

Too much of our valuable time seems spent trying to make progress in times that can seem increasingly adversarial. Why is that? Is it because our world is awash with ever-tightening budgets, pressured timescales, misunderstandings, differing perspectives, dilemmas and ambivalence? Whatever the reason, it's not really suprising that disputes are so commonplace? In some sectors the atmosphere can seem positively litgious

Many disputes are referred to the courts for a decision that is binding. Specialist advocates plead your case before tribunals, senior lawyers and judges. However, that option is not cheap. Taking a case to court invitably has a downside. Or perhaps three downsides: stress, expense, and, of course, the snail's pace timescale.

We know only to well that hiring a lawyer is expensive, and is no guarantee of victory! How often have we learned that the only winners in a court-room battle are ... the lawyers?

As an alternative, one could instead opt for arbitration. But, like litigation, arbitration involve imposing a "solution" -- in the form of a judgment or ruling
that is binding. That means one party wins, and the other loses.

Is there a better route to a resolving a dispute? Of course there is. Most of us would like to resolve differences and disagreements on a less formal basis without the deep chasm of win/lose, the expense of an uncertain outcome, and the excrutiatingly slow pace.


We can help in resolving disputes without you "losing". Or losing face.

And, deep down, we all feel reluctant to deal with entrenched positions, from which no-one wants to back down in case a compromise is perceived as weakness.


We know that maybe you just cannot see that a solution is even remotely possible. But just because issues are challenging doesn't mean that a resolution isn't viable. Particularly when a fresh pair of eyes often provide a fresh perspective.

Mediation is often far more preferable to litigation. Can we explain why?

Mediation is not adversarial: it is a process in which the mediator helps both sides work towards the resolution of a dispute, and because an independent mediator such as ourselves helps both sides identify what they have in common, consensus invariably emerges into an agreement. 

Mediation is highly effective because mediation works. And if you are not convinced then you can always opt for the more expensive  alternative, a panoply of lawyers, tortuously slow processes, and ultimately the risk of judgements going against you. But mediation is often so much more appealing - for both sides, because our mediation service entails a fair-minded, non-judgemental approach, using dialogue, not confrontation.

What do you have to lose? Apart from losing?

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